Care & Warranty

Handmade Nature

All of our products are handmade in Bali. Due to the nature of our production method, each product may vary slightly. Please handle with care and be kind to your jewelry.

Materials Used

  • Earrings: 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold-plating.

  • Necklaces: 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold-plating. 

  • Charms: White Brass with Silver-plating or Brass with 18K Gold-plating.

  • Rings: 925 Sterling Silver or Brass with 18K Gold-plating on top with extra coating. Brass for the Gold-plated rings is a conscious decision because the color is also gold in case the gold-plating gets thinner. Please note: Brass may have a blue/green effect on your skin

  • The stones we use are Smokey Quartz, Black Onyx, Opal, Milky Green Emerald, Sky Blue Topaz and Black Synthetic Diamond and White Synthetic Diamond.

Product Care

To make sure that your jewelry stays in prime condition it is important to handle it with care. Therefore we recommend taking off your jewelry while:

  • Sleeping (especially necklaces).

  • Spraying perfume, oils, lotions.

  • Swimming (chlorine has a negative effect).

  • Showering & washing your hands.

  • Exercising (sweat has a negative effect on plating).

  • Cleaning.


Flawed offers a 2-month warranty on products purchased in our online store, with a valid receipt. The starting date of this warranty is the date that is mentioned on your receipt.

Keep in mind that jewelry needs to be handled with care and that our warranty does not apply in any of the following situations.

  • Misuse and negligence.

  • Natural wear and tear.

  • Stains caused by perfume.

  • Parts that give off after contact with water.

  • Complains caused by misuse of the jewelry.

Please e-mail contact us immediately through support@flawedbrand.com with a description of your problem, clear pictures of the product, and your receipt so we can process your claim.