How do I clean my jewellery?

How do I clean my jewellery?

Do you also want to enjoy your favourite jewellery for a long time? Then it is important to clean your jewellery from time to time. Below you can read how to keep your jewellery in perfect shape!

Why do I need to clean my jewellery?

Even if you handle your jewellery with care, they can become dull or dirty. This may have to do with, for example, the PH value (acidity) of your skin or the way you store your jewellery.

When you plan to clean your jewellery, it is important that you do it correctly. For some materials, there are special cleaning products and with other materials you need to be more careful. Below you can read exactly how to let your silver and gold plated jewellery shine again!

Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery can darken and dull over time and lose its shine. This is a natural reaction between silver and oxygen, among other things, and is due to the wearing of the jewellery. This just happens! Fortunately, this is not the end of the world, because silver jewellery can be cleaned in many different ways.

With silver polish or a silver cleaning cloth

You can buy silver polish (online) at the drugstore. You dip your jewellery in the silver polish for a few seconds and then in a container with water. Let the jewellery dry. After this, your silver jewellery will shine like new! You can also polish your silver jewellery with a special silver polishing cloth.

With toothpaste

This may sound crazy, but you can also clean your silver jewellery with toothpaste and a toothbrush (they immediately smell fresh again, haha). Very handy, because you always have these ingredients at home. Apply the toothpaste to your toothbrush and rub over your jewellery. Wipe with a dry, soft cloth. Done!

With salt and hot water

Wrap your jewellery in a layer of aluminum foil. Mix a container of hot water (about 60 ° C) with salt. Place the foil-wrapped jewellery in the water. Leave it on overnight and take it out of the water the next morning. Rub the jewellery with a soft, clean cloth. If you are cleaning a chain with a pendant in this way, remove the pendant from the chain and wrap them separately in foil! This also applies to hoops with a hanger and studs with a closure at the back. Check out this video for detailed instructions.

Gold Plated jewellery

Gold plated jewellery is made of Sterling Silver of Brass with a layer of gold on top of it. Here you can read everything about gold plated jewellery.

Gold plated jewellery is more sensitive than Sterling Silver and deserves some extra love. If the jewellery is dirty, you can't put it in a (chemical) bath as you do with your silver jewellery. You can clean your gold plated jewellery with a soft dry cloth so it will shine again. Did you plated item come into contact with chemicals, perfume or lotions? Rinse them with water asap and dry with a soft cloth. 

Check out all our gold plated jewellery here.

How do you keep your jewellery clean?

Because you wear your jewellery every day, they can get dirty and sometimes discolour. If you occasionally clean your favourite ring or necklace, you prevent or delay this. And how nice is it if you can enjoy your beautiful jewellery for a long time!

Have you followed all cleaning steps and is your jewellery on fleek again? Cool! Here we give you a few last tips to keep your jewellery beautiful: 

  • Take off your jewellery while exercising
  • Take them off when you go to sleep
  • Do you apply lotion or sunscreen? Take off your jewellery! After applying this, wait half an hour before putting the jewellery back on
  • Do not spray hairspray, perfume or other sprays on your jewellery. They don't like that ;)
  • Take off your jewellery while showering, swimming and washing up.

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