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L'amour HookL'amour Hook
L'amour Hook Sale price€24.95
Vita HoopsVita Hoops
Vita Hoops Sale price€32.95
Plain Affair NecklacePlain Affair Necklace
Plain Affair Necklace Sale price€49.95
Sunshine StudsSunshine Studs
Sunshine Studs Sale price€19.95
Sage BraceletSage Bracelet
Sage Bracelet Sale price€44.95
Lauren HoopsLauren Hoops
Lauren Hoops Sale price€36.95
Juno StudsJuno Studs
Juno Studs Sale price€19.95
Square Chain BraceletSquare Chain Bracelet
Square Chain Bracelet Sale price€44.95
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Oval HoopsOval Hoops
Oval Hoops Sale price€49.95
Black Dot Pinky RingBlack Dot Pinky Ring
Black Dot Pinky Ring Sale price€34.95
Holly BraceletHolly Bracelet
Holly Bracelet Sale price€44.95
Double Dot StudsDouble Dot Studs
Double Dot Studs Sale price€19.95
Large Juno HoopsLarge Juno Hoops
Large Juno Hoops Sale price€38.95
Ring Sizer
Ring Sizer Sale price€2.49
Vita NecklaceVita Necklace
Vita Necklace Sale price€59.95
Vintage HookVintage Hook
Vintage Hook Sale price€24.95
Carrie HoopsCarrie Hoops
Carrie Hoops Sale price€31.95
Holly HoopsHolly Hoops
Holly Hoops Sale price€38.95
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Olive HoopOlive Hoop
Olive Hoop Sale price€14.95 Regular price€19.95
Ruby HoopsRuby Hoops
Ruby Hoops Sale price€32.95
Double Pinky RingDouble Pinky Ring
Double Pinky Ring Sale price€34.95
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Small Oval HuggiesSmall Oval Huggies
Small Oval Huggies Sale price€44.95
Connected NecklaceConnected Necklace
Connected Necklace Sale price€54.95
Hazel HoopsHazel Hoops
Hazel Hoops Sale price€54.95
The Kiss CharmThe Kiss Charm
The Kiss Charm Sale price€31.95
Amelie Hoops 16mmAmelie Hoops 16mm
Amelie Hoops 16mm Sale price€22.95
Louise NecklaceLouise Necklace
Louise Necklace Sale price€44.95
Sold out
Sage NecklaceSage Necklace
Sage Necklace Sale price€54.95
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Ola HoopOla Hoop
Ola Hoop Sale price€19.95
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Medium Oval HuggiesMedium Oval Huggies
Medium Oval Huggies Sale price€54.95
Curb NecklaceCurb Necklace
Curb Necklace Sale price€39.95
Square Souvenir RingSquare Souvenir Ring
Square Souvenir Ring Sale price€49.95
Nora HoopsNora Hoops
Nora Hoops Sale price€32.95
Holly RingHolly Ring
Holly Ring Sale price€39.95
Connected HoopsConnected Hoops
Connected Hoops Sale price€22.95
L'amour CharmL'amour Charm
L'amour Charm Sale price€24.95
Hazel CharmHazel Charm
Hazel Charm Sale price€25.95
Oval Souvenir Ring BlackOval Souvenir Ring Black
Oval Souvenir Ring Black Sale price€49.95
Ancient Eye RingAncient Eye Ring
Ancient Eye Ring Sale price€42.95
Save 18%
Tiny Square HoopsTiny Square Hoops
Tiny Square Hoops Sale price€17.95 Regular price€21.95
Juno HoopsJuno Hoops
Juno Hoops Sale price€24.95
Oleander BraceletOleander Bracelet
Oleander Bracelet Sale price€39.95
Dotted NecklaceDotted Necklace
Dotted Necklace Sale price€47.95
Dotted BraceletDotted Bracelet
Dotted Bracelet Sale price€39.95
Medium Ball HoopsMedium Ball Hoops
Medium Ball Hoops Sale price€21.95
Lola HoopsLola Hoops
Lola Hoops Sale price€36.95
Louise BraceletLouise Bracelet
Louise Bracelet Sale price€39.95
Square Chain NecklaceSquare Chain Necklace
Square Chain Necklace Sale price€54.95
Très RingTrès Ring
Très Ring Sale price€46.95
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