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Lauren RingLauren Ring
Lauren Ring Sale price€54.95
Ava RingAva Ring
Ava Ring Sale price€59.95
Caro RingCaro Ring
Caro Ring Sale price€54.95
Elle RingElle Ring
Elle Ring Sale price€54.95
Sage RingSage Ring
Sage Ring Sale price€54.95
Donna Hoops IvoryDonna Hoops Ivory
Donna Hoops Ivory Sale price€47.95
Sage Hoops IvorySage Hoops Ivory
Sage Hoops Ivory Sale price€41.95
Maya Hoops IvoryMaya Hoops Ivory
Maya Hoops Ivory Sale price€41.95
Nova Hoop IvoryNova Hoop Ivory
Nova Hoop Ivory Sale price€21.95
Caro HoopsCaro Hoops
Caro Hoops Sale price€47.95
Ivy Hoops EmeraldIvy Hoops Emerald
Ivy Hoops Emerald Sale price€41.95
Sage Hoops EmeraldSage Hoops Emerald
Sage Hoops Emerald Sale price€41.95
Maya Hoops EmeraldMaya Hoops Emerald
Maya Hoops Emerald Sale price€41.95
Nova Hoop EmeraldNova Hoop Emerald
Nova Hoop Emerald Sale price€21.95
Elle HoopsElle Hoops
Elle Hoops Sale price€37.95
Ava HoopsAva Hoops
Ava Hoops Sale price€47.95
Sage Hoops LilaSage Hoops Lila
Sage Hoops Lila Sale price€41.95
Nova Hoop LilaNova Hoop Lila
Nova Hoop Lila Sale price€21.95
Maya Hoops LilaMaya Hoops Lila
Maya Hoops Lila Sale price€41.95
Donna Hoops JadeDonna Hoops Jade
Donna Hoops Jade Sale price€47.95
Donna Hoops JadeDonna Hoops Jade
Donna Hoops Jade Sale price€42.95
Maya Hoops JadeMaya Hoops Jade
Maya Hoops Jade Sale price€41.95
Sage Hoops JadeSage Hoops Jade
Sage Hoops Jade Sale price€41.95
Nova Hoop JadeNova Hoop Jade
Nova Hoop Jade Sale price€21.95
Sold out
L'amour HookL'amour Hook
L'amour Hook Sale price€29.95
L'amour RingL'amour Ring
L'amour Ring Sale price€74.95
Sold out
Lore HoopsLore Hoops
Lore Hoops Sale price€41.95
Sold out
Amore NecklaceAmore Necklace
Amore Necklace Sale price€76.95
Sold out
L'amour StudsL'amour Studs
L'amour Studs Sale price€24.95
L'amour Perle StudsL'amour Perle Studs
L'amour Perle Studs Sale price€34.95
Amore CharmAmore Charm
Amore Charm Sale price€31.95
Lauren HoopsLauren Hoops
Lauren Hoops Sale price€41.95
Vita HoopsVita Hoops
Vita Hoops Sale price€37.95
Sold out
Lore NecklaceLore Necklace
Lore Necklace Sale price€74.95
Ruby HoopsRuby Hoops
Ruby Hoops Sale price€37.95
Maren HoopsMaren Hoops
Maren Hoops Sale price€44.95
Jolie HoopsJolie Hoops
Jolie Hoops Sale price€37.95
Louise BraceletLouise Bracelet
Louise Bracelet Sale price€44.95
Carrie HoopsCarrie Hoops
Carrie Hoops Sale price€36.95
Holly HoopsHolly Hoops
Holly Hoops Sale price€43.95
Hazel HoopsHazel Hoops
Hazel Hoops Sale price€59.95
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Intentional jewellery that does good and looks good so you don’t have to choose

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