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To make sure your jewelry stays in prime condition it is important to be kind to it and handle it with care. Not only while wearing it but also when you are not! When you take of your jewelry, save the items in a closed jewelrybox or pouch and keep them safe. Don’t expose them to too much sun or humidity! 

PH stands for the acidity of your skin. Everyone's pH value of the skin is different, because there are a lot of factors that influence your pH value. For example cosmetic products, age, diet, smoking, water, pregnancy and sun. Overtime your jewelry can discolour or leave the colour green or black on your skin. It’s important to take care of you jewelry and take them of while:

  • Sleeping, especially necklaces. When you are a wild sleeper, you can get tangled in it and maybe break your favourite necklace! 
  • Spraying perfume, oils and lotions. Wait till the spray or lotion you’ve put on is completely dry and after that you are free to decorate yourself with your favourite Flawed pieces
  • Swimming. Chlorine and salty seawater have a negative effect on your jewelry
  • Showering and washing your hands. Especially with gold-plated items
  • Exercising. Your sweat has a negative effect on the plating of your jewelry
  • Cleaning. Don’t let your jewelry get in touch with chemicals!

Are you a silver sweetheart and do you wear our 925 Sterling Silver Flawed items? Be aware that your items can get darker or less shiny through time. This happens because of oxidation, a natural process that is not harmful for your jewellery. You can clean your items with a special silver polish, a cleaning cloth or washing up liquid and they will look like you just bought them! 

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