Flawed on Display

Flawed on Display

To create a unique Flawed world in your store, we have designed our own luxury display line. Minimalist design with a rich appearance. Made from high quality materials such as brass and the best quality cotton velvet.

Ring Display

Luxury Display

We believe in offering a total experience. Our jewellery deserves to be presented in the best way possible and we believe we can only do that with a matching display. That is why we have designed a luxury display in line with the style of our jewellery. With this display line you really create a small Flawed world in your store.

Bracelet Display

Good display = better sales

Our Flawed display line is designed in such a way that you're not only creating a Flawed world in your store, but you also see the smallest details of our jewellery. This way they are displayed perfectly and it contributes to better sales. An additional advantage is that our display helps with replenishment. By properly filling the display and setting up Flawed widely in your store, you ensure that there is always enough choice.

Only the best materials

Our display line is handmade from solid brass and polished by hand so that it shines as beautifully as a mirror. The Ring Display and Bracelet Display are lined with cotton velvet, which makes the rings and bracelets really stand out. We have hand-picked the materials with care and everything is handmade in Bali.

Necklace Stand


We totally understand! Please be patient because from mid September on our display line will be available in our webshop.

Love, Flawed.

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