Violet Bracelet
Violet Bracelet
Violet Bracelet
Violet Bracelet
Violet Bracelet
Violet Bracelet

Violet Bracelet

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Yes! For the first time, we added bracelets to our collection. The sweetness and purity of the Violet Bracelet will make you feel the perfect balance between simple and timeless. Complete your look with the Violet Necklace and rule the day! There are three more bracelets we designed: Oleander, Zinnia and Vintage.

  • 14K Gold Plated on Sterling Silver
  • Measurement: 18 cm
  • Handmade by true craftsmen

I already have a ring

1. Take a ring you already have with the right size, and place it on a ruler.
2. Measure the inner diameter.
3. Find diameter in the chart below.

If you don't have a ring

1. Take a piece of thread, wrap the thread around your finger - don’t pull.
2. Measure the length of the thread with your ruler.
3. Find circumference in the chart below.

US Size Diameter Circumference
3.5 14.5 mm 45.5 mm
4 14.9 mm 46.7 mm
4.5 15.2 mm 47.97 mm
5 15.7 mm 49.3 mm
6 16.5 mm 51.9 mm
7 17.4 mm 54.5 mm
8 18.1 mm 57.15 mm
9 18.9 mm 59.34 mm