Gold or silver, what is your colour?

Gold or silver, what is your colour?

Do you prefer to wear gold or silver? Or can't you choose and do you wear both? Whatever colour of jewellery you wear, there is a colour that matches the undertone of your skin better or that you simply find more beautiful. What does the colour you wear say about you and do you wear the right colour? Below you can read more about how to choose the colour that will let you shine!

Choose your colour based on the following 4 tips

You have a preference for a certain colour of jewellery, but does this colour really suit you? You will know this by looking at the undertones of the skin, the colour of your hair and the colour of your eyes.

Tip 1: Find out if your skin has a cold or warm undertone

Have you been to the beach, spent all day in the sun and come home with a beautiful sun-tanned glow? Then your skin has a warm undertone. Are you coming home burned after a sunny summer day? Then your skin has a cool undertone.

Tip 2: Check your veins

Yes, this is true. By checking which colour your veins are, you will find out whether gold or silver suits you better. To check which colour your veins are, it is best to take a closer look at your wrist or elbow. Are your veins mainly blue? Then your skin has a cool undertone and silver jewellery suits you best. Do your veins have a more green colour? Then your skin has a warm undertone and gold jewellery looks more beautiful on you.

Tip 3: Check out your wardrobe

The colour of your clothes says a lot about the colour of the jewellery you wear. Is there a lot of clothing in your closet in warm colours, such as red, orange, yellow and brown? Then your skin probably has a warm undertone and gold jewellery suits you best. Do you have more clothes in the colours blue, green, purple and pink? Then you shine when you wear silver!

Tip 4: Look at the colour of your hair and eyes

Take a good look at yourself and your hair and eye colour. Silver is best with blue and green eyes and light hair because your skin has a cool undertone. With brown eyes and dark hair colours, gold is better, because your skin will probably have a warm undertone.

This colour matches your personality

Ok, let's do a test. What colour jewellery do you wear now? Does this description suit you?

Team Silver

Have you always worn silver and do you always choose silver jewellery? Then you probably are a cool type. You are a little more distant from your environment than others and like to keep things to yourself. You don't like people who want to stand out and behave excessively. You like simple and minimalistic, without too many frills. "Act normal, then you are crazy enough" is your favourite quote!

flawed zilveren sieraden

Team Gold

Do you prefer to wear gold? Then you are quite outspoken, spontaneous and not shy. You don't mind standing out and you quickly put someone at ease. You have a radiant personality and want to show it to the world through your collection of gold plated / gold jewellery. The more gold you wear, the stronger the things above apply.

Flawed gold plated sieraden

The right colour

And, are you already wearing the right colour for your skin or are you going to change the colour of your jewellery after reading this blog? We are very curious. Of course, it is most important that you wear the colour that you like the most!

Check out all our jewellery here and pick your favourite colour!

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