Gold-plated jewellery, what does it mean?

Gold-plated jewellery, what does it mean?

Are you looking for good quality gold jewellery, but do you think real gold is just a little too expensive? Then a gold plated piece of jewellery is the perfect solution! Gold plated jewellery looks the same as the real gold version but is a lot more affordable. Below we explain what gold plated is exactly!

What is gold plated?

A gold plated piece of jewellery is a piece of metal jewellery with a layer of another metal on top, in this case, liquid gold. Because the layer of gold is thin, gold plated jewellery is much more affordable than jewellery made of real gold.

All our gold plated jewellery has a layer of 14-carat gold micron plating over 925 Sterling Silver. The base of the jewellery is silver. There is also an extra protective layer over the gold plating so that your jewellery is optimally protected against scratches and damages.

Since 2023 we use a new Premium Quality Gold Plating of 3 Micron, which is also called Gold Vermeil. For some items we use 1 micron thickness, for others 3 micron thickness - which both is very high quality thickness. The industries standard is 0.25 micron thickness. All jewellery in our online store will remain gold for at least 6 times longer than previously. Check our Gold Plated collection here.


How do I keep my gold plated jewellery beautiful?

How long your gold plated jewellery stays beautiful depends on various factors. For example of the thickness of the gold plating or external influences, such as rain and even oxygen. It is important that you take good care of your jewellery and handle it with care. Below we share some tips, so that you keep your jewellery beautiful: 

  • Take off your gold plated jewellery while showering, swimming or washing your hands. The gold plating is very sensitive to water and chlorine         
  • If you come into contact with chemical products, such as detergent or washing-up liquid, take off your jewellery and do not put it back on until your hands are dry         
  • Take off your jewellery when spraying perfume or hairspray. Also, take them off if you apply a lotion or (sunscreen) cream!         
  • Take off your gold plated jewellery while exercising. Sweat has a negative effect on the gold plating and its colour.               


This is how you keep your jewellery beautiful:

  • Make sure you store your jewellery neatly and keep them in a closed, dark place, for example in a box or bag. You can also use the beautiful Flawed jewellery box you receive when you order a ring or necklace         
  • Take off your jewellery while sleeping! If you are a wild sleeper, chains can even be dangerous and a big earring does not sleep well…

If you handle your gold-plated jewellery with care, you can wear them for a long time. 

Check out all our gold-plated jewellery here and choose a beautiful ring, bracelet, necklace or a set of earrings! 

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