International Women's Day

International Women's Day

At Flawed we believe that everything starts with a dream. When you follow that dream, it gets a little stronger everyday. If you keep following your dream it becomes a reality. As a brand, and a mainly female team, we want to inspire as many young women as we can to do the same: pursue their dreams.

For International Women's Day, we will donate 10% of our online profits on 8 and 9 March. This time, we will donate the proceeds to Garuda House Bali to let girls with a dream become women with a vision.

Garuda House Bali 

Garuda House Bali is a shelter for girls aged 7 to 17 who have no parents or come from poor families. The Garuda House enables girls to live here, go to school and work on their future. On average, there are 15 girls and an elderly couple who take care of housing and education. It was a conscious decision to keep this project small so that the girls live in a family atmosphere. Because the girls live in the Garuda House, much attention is paid to social- and other specific skills, like English and Multimedia.

How can we help?

Because Garuda House has no income of its own and receives no government support, all expenses for Garuda House were covered mainly by donations of private investors until 2012. To guarantee the house's continued existence, the Garuda House Bali Foundation was established. The foundation focuses on fundraising and sharing information about the Garuda House in the Netherlands to gather donations.

If you want to know more about the girls' lives at the Garuda House, you can listen to their podcast or watch their YouTube videos.

Let's give back together!

We donate 10% of all our International Women's Day profits on 8 and 9 March to the Garuda House, so they can help the girls live their dreams! The only thing you do is shop your favourite items in our webshop. Once again, we hope this initiative will bring the Flawed community together, where we can join forces to make a difference!

Happy Shopping!

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