Give Back Friday

Give Back Friday

It's time to shift the focus from the product, to the people this Black Friday. That’s why we’re going to give back again. Where last year we worked together with Together For Bali and provided food and other essentials to help Balinese people in need, this year we chose to fight for another important cause:

Let's clean up the Indonesian waters

As you may know, we’ve always considered Bali as our second home. While spending most of our time there, we got confronted with the big plastic problem in Bali. According to experts, Bali’s famous beaches are being buried by up to 60 tonnes of plastic rubbish each day. Owing to weather patterns like monsoons and inefficient waste management this is becoming an annual reality leading to a worldwide marine pollution crisis.

And next to all the pollution the recycling of plastic isn’t going very well either. On the island of Bali, it is predicted that only 4% of plastics are recycled. A lot of this is due to the lack of waste management and recycling infrastructure. Although Indonesia has pledged to reduce 70% of plastic pollution it emits into the ocean by 2025, it seems like illegal landfills are still increasing and piling up alongside the Balinese rivers.

Sungai Watch

We love Bali, and would love to see it as clean as possible. That’s why this Give Back Friday we donate 10% of our online profits to Sungai Watch: An organisation on a mission to clean rivers, starting in Indonesia. Last year, they’ve collected over 333.162 kgs of plastics from the waters, and they aren't any close to stopping. Their mission? To place trash barriers in every river in Indonesia by 2025 and prevent plastic from polluting the ocean!

How can you help? 

The only thing you do is shop your favourite items with up to 50% discount. Easy right? We hope this initiative will bring the Flawed community together, where we can join forces to make a difference! Shop now responsibly & happy shopping!

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