Introducing Gold Vermeil Plus®

Introducing Gold Vermeil Plus®

We are the first in our industry to offer Gold Vermeil Plus®. It’s the most durable option besides solid gold and is still affordable. Besides that, our gold is 100% certified and conflict-free.  

What is Gold Vermeil Plus? 

Gold Vermeil Plus® is the quality of Gold Vermeil with an extra thick layer of gold. Instead of plating our Sterling Silver items with 2.5 Micronwhich is already better than most brandswe dip our jewellery in gold and cover it with 3 Microns of pure gold. This makes our Gold Vermeil Plus® the new standard. It’s the most durable quality you will find besides solid gold, that is still affordable.

We all know the struggle

It's hard to find great quality Gold-Plating. How many times have you bought items that didn't last?

  • The colour fades: Every brand says their Gold-Plating is the best, but it usually isn’t. The right Gold-Plating is super hard to find.
  • No certified plating: The industry standard varies between 0.25 and 1 Micron. But you can’t check if you really get what you pay for.
  • Discolouration of skin: Non-precious metals are used a lot, which can cause a darkish reaction on your skin (we’ve been there). 

So we X-Ray tested the competition

We ordered rings from 10 different brands and asked them what thickness of micron plating they were using. Then we had them X-Ray tested. The results were shocking.

  • 7 brands sold lesser quality than they promised
  • 0.5 Micron was the average thickness of 20 brands

How we tested our new quality 

We blind tested our new Gold Vermeil Plus® against 16 different qualities of Gold-Plating and Gold Vermeil with a test panel of 45 people, for 1 year long. Every month the testers filled out a survey so that we could monitor the durability of the plated rings closely. As we expected, many of the Gold-Plating and Gold Vermeil we tested only lasted for about 2 months. Our Gold Vermeil Plus® was the only quality that lasted over a year of everyday use with the colour staying perfect. With the right care, you can enjoy your Gold Vermeil Plus® rings for years. 

Introducing Gold Vermeil Plus®

We really pushed the limits of Gold-Plating with a 3 Micron Gold-Plating over a base of 925 Sterling Silver. The first in our industry offering Gold Vermeil Plus®. Gold Vermeil Plus® lasts up to 6x longer than Gold-Plated jewellery.

Our promise

After trying our Gold Vermeil Plus®, you don’t want anything else. It’s the most durable alternative besides Solid Gold and yet still affordable.

  • 1-year warranty: we guarantee the colour stays perfect for at least one year. With proper care, your items will last much longer. 
  • No skin discolouration or you get your money back. Using 925 Sterling Silver and responsible gold, our jewellery is 100% skin safe. 
  • 100% certified gold: our gold follows the Responsible Gold Guidance by LBMA and is Conflict Free and traceable.

Don’t look any further. Shop your investment piece now!

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